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About this blog

A blog about the numbers and advanced statistics from College Football.  I will primarily look at this through the UGA prism but will cover a lot of teams.  Ask questions, bring your own research, join us as we learn and discuss the games.

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Fine... I'll do some football

After getting their "you know what" pushed in on Saturday in Tuscaloosa, even I needed statistical pallate cleanser.  I went back and pulled every individual game played by FBS teams from 2018 to 2022 (over 3,000).  Georgia's offense has been good quite good over the three offensive coordinators that called plays.  51 times offensive success rate ranked in the 50th percentile or better  of games.  Only 14 games fell under that percentile.  I'll show you some of these, but as you can imagine, som

Josh Hancher

Josh Hancher in Football

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