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About this blog

A blog about the numbers and advanced statistics from College Football.  I will primarily look at this through the UGA prism but will cover a lot of teams.  Ask questions, bring your own research, join us as we learn and discuss the games.

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Way Too Early Returning Production List

Everyone is quick to get out their "way too early" lists, rankings, and teams to watch.  Well, this is my first off season post with returning production.  Here is what you will see Players who had at least 60 PFF Grade were in the 60+ Percentile For Each Position of and QB Pass Attempts RB Rush Attempts WR Targets OL Snaps Defensive Snaps This is all subject to change, but should be up to date with players in portal and players who have transferred to

Josh Hancher

Josh Hancher in 2023 Preseason

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