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About this blog

A blog about the numbers and advanced statistics from College Football.  I will primarily look at this through the UGA prism but will cover a lot of teams.  Ask questions, bring your own research, join us as we learn and discuss the games.

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Peach Bowl Prep Final Chapter: Ohio State v Michigan. Stats, Metrics, and Video from "The Game"

Let's get right into it... As soon as the College Football Playoff Committee announced the matchup, I went to my handy dandy spreadsheet and made a matchup sheet which as @Jon Tweets Sportspointed out is "good on good."  Even though this a study of the OSU v Michigan game, I would like to frame this with what Georgia does on offense to shine a light on what I think might be the difference in the game. Georgia Offense v Ohio State Defense Georgia's offense ranks in top 10 several key me

Josh Hancher

Josh Hancher in Peach Bowl

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