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A blog about the numbers and advanced statistics from College Football.  I will primarily look at this through the UGA prism but will cover a lot of teams.  Ask questions, bring your own research, join us as we learn and discuss the games.

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Week 1 @Dawg_Stats Blitz

There isn't a whole lot more that hasn't been said, and the stats confirm the the dominant performance by the offense, and arguably both sides of the ball.  Although some mentioned the success that Oregon had on third down as the Ducks were 53% on third down.  Yet, they only managed 4.6 YPP on offense which was doubled up by the Stetson Bennett show. The offense's nearly 68.9% non garbage time success rate was the 5th best versus Power 5 competition this century.  The .772 Game E

Josh Hancher

Josh Hancher in Stats

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