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About this blog

A blog about the numbers and advanced statistics from College Football.  I will primarily look at this through the UGA prism but will cover a lot of teams.  Ask questions, bring your own research, join us as we learn and discuss the games.

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TCU Trends

Everyone has noted the resilience of this TCU team.  And I don't want to discount it, but here is what resilience looks like statistically.  Since week 5, TCU has just a 40% offensive success rate and 6.0 YPP, and has trailed in every game except the Iowa State game and Fiesta Bowl.  This is 4% and and .5 yards below their season average on offense. Although, the Horned Frogs did run up a 50% offensive success rate and 7.0 yards per play and never trailed in the 51-45 win over Michigan in t

Josh Hancher

Josh Hancher in Natty

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