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Fine... I'll do some football

Josh Hancher

After getting their "you know what" pushed in on Saturday in Tuscaloosa, even I needed statistical pallate cleanser.  I went back and pulled every individual game played by FBS teams from 2018 to 2022 (over 3,000).  Georgia's offense has been good quite good over the three offensive coordinators that called plays.  51 times offensive success rate ranked in the 50th percentile or better  of games.  Only 14 games fell under that percentile.  I'll show you some of these, but as you can imagine, some of those 14 were tough games. 

Conversely, the defense has allowed an opposing offense to put up a 50th percentile or better performance 15 times since 2018.  And 20 games, the defense has kept opposing offenses in the 20th percentile or worse in 20 games and 11 of those were in the 10th or worse percentile. This is ridiculous In my opinion.  As many have said, this is the golden age of Georgia Football.  Don't worry, I will still preview the Arkansas Basketball Game.

Look at some of those below average offensive games.. then look at the defensive performance.  I am not gonna make this about the OC, but y'all can.


Go Dawgs!!! 







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