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Dawgs Have a Chance to Rack Up With 2024 Five Stars

Let's start this off with the caveat that stars aren't the only thing that matters in recruiting. It's fun to follow and talk about who the top players in the country are, but the star rating system is as much of a tool to attract fans to recruiting websites as it is anything else. Some five star prospects work out and some do not for a variety of reasons. Many get injured and just aren't the same anymore, which brings one player to mind. I believe Tramel Terry was ranked as a 5* at one time and

Jason Brassell

Jason Brassell in 2024 Recruiting

Looking Ahead - 2024 Running Backs, Who Do We Want?

The University of Georgia is RB-U. That's the statement. That's it. With the storied history of running backs that came through UGA, one would think that the Dawgs could pull any running back in the country that they want. That simply has not been the case in 2023. Alabama also has a big history of star running backs, so it isn't s surprise when a player chooses the Crimson Tide. Let's be honest, they're in a dynasty right now, so we shouldn't be shocked when someone like five star running back

Jason Brassell

Jason Brassell in 2024 Recruiting

Looking Ahead - 2024 Quarterbacks, Who Do We Want?

One thing UGA is known for under Kirby Smart is having a plan A, B, C, D, and E for recruiting every position. He and his staff have proved it year after year. They rarely put all their eggs in one basket for a prospect. Of course that hasn't been the case this year, as the Dawgs went all out for Arch Manning. Unfortunately, he recently chose Texas over our beloved Dawgs. Many fans will see this as a big mess up by the staff, but did the ten million dollar a year national championship head coach

Jason Brassell

Jason Brassell in 2024 Recruiting

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