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2024 Recruiting Overview

Jason Brassell

Alright, it's getting to be late July and the Dawgs are already working on finishing out the 2024 class. Let's take a look at what's going on by position:

- Georgia is done at QB and both Dylan Raiola and Ryan Puglisi are solid commits.

- Georgia has two solid commits in Dwight Phillips Jr. and Chauncey Bowens.

- Don't be surprised if Nate Frazier pulls the trigger in July or August. Either way, we like the Dawgs here.

- Georgia has three solid commits in Nitro Tuggle, Ny Carr, and Sacovie White.

- Tuggle might take some fall visits, but I don't think there's anything to wory about.

- We will try to flip Jeremiah Smith until the end. I just don't see him anywhere but Ohio State with Brian Hartline there.

- We are still communicating regularly with Ryan Wingo. I'm told we want to see him play more his senior year and want to see better route running from him. He is planning to commit on December 20th.

- The most likely scenario is take the three we have and bring in a transfer from the portal for next season.

- Georgia is done at TE with two solid commits in Jaden Reddell and Colton Heinrich.

- Georgia is done on the OL with a STRONG group of six solid commits.

- A couple of them may take longer to develop than others, but that's the point in taking six.

- I'm told Nyier Daniels was a BIG GET according to where he is on our board.

While the offensive recruiting will be pretty quiet, there are still some things to figure out in regards to recruiting the defense:

- Georgia has four solid commits in Joseph Jonah-Ajonye, Jordan Thomas, Justin Greene, and Nnamdi Ogboko.

- Aydin Breland is the top target here, but I don't see UGA beating Oregon for him right now.

- LJ McCray is another top target who will be committing around October. This will likely come down to UGA and Florida, with FSU hanging around. He's set to viit UGA next weekend.

- Georgia has one solid commit in Quintavius Johnson.

- Williams Nwaneri is the top overall target still on the board. He is down to UGA, Oklahoma, and Missouri with a possible visit to Oregon next weekend and a likely commit date of August 1st. I'm told Oklahoma and Missouri are throwing in the NIL bank here. I do think some have the impression that once NIL is mentioned with recruits that Georgia is automatically out, which is not true. UGA isn't going to build the program on pure NIL recruits and I don't think Nwaneri is just a NIL recruit, but if Kirby Smart wants a recruit bad enough then we'll do what we have to do to get him (see Damon WIlson).

- It will be interesting to see if we turn on the heat for Jordan Ross if we miss out on Nwaneri.

- Georgia has one very shaky commit in Demarcus Riddick. Unless something crazy happens, I expect him to flip to Alabama on July 26th.

- The top overall target left on the board is the #1 LB in the nation, Justin Williams. He's set to commit on July 24th and I LOVE where the Dawgs stand right now. Now, I'm no conspiracy theorist but in true Kirby Smart fashion, we're set to mask the Riddick bad news with good news from a prospect ranked even higher at the same position. I'm sorry, but that is not a coincidence.

- Georgia also has all of the momentum with Kristopher Jones. Florida is one of the main schools battling the Dawgs here, but I don't think there is any real competition right now. Expect Jones to commit sometime before the season and expect it to be UGA.

- Here's where it gets interesting. The recent Jaylen Heyward decommitment might just open up a spot for a third linebacker here. Yes, Heyward is a safety but I don't think anyone ever really saw the Dawgs taking six total DBs in this class. Some think it would be crazy to take three linebackers, but I'm not telling Chris Cole no if he wants to come. He just released his top eight and is set to visit Tennessee next weekend, but I like where UGA stands right now. Alabama and Miami are probably the top competition right now, but he still has a couple of official visits he might take.

- I'm lumping the secondary together since Georgia has a couple who could play multiple positions.

- The Dawgs have a solid CB commit in Ellis Robinson. Alabama is trying to flip Peyton Woodyard, but right now I think he sticks. Others are also after Demello Jones, but I'm pretty confident in him sticking with UGA. I do think he is one who could play multiple positions though.

- It's no secret that the top target left on the board here is KJ Bolden. He has a commitment date of August 5th. Georgia has been recruiting Bolden since the 9th grade and Kirby Smart is very involved with this one. That usually tells us that we're going to go ALL IN to get a recruit. It's closer than UGA would like it to be and I do think different teams like FSU and Ohio State will be mentioned A LOT until August 5th. I just think they'll be mentioned too much. While he is very interested in those two teams, I think there's a lot of recruiting hype going on here. I expect Bolden to be a Dawg.

- Kam Mikell is also a top target here. While some like him as a receiver, UGA is recruiting him as a DB. He's another I believe could play different positions in the secondary. After the Heyward commitment and with Bolden committing on August 5th, watch  for UGA to turn up the heat on Mikell. He'll take more visits in the fall, but watch for Georgia to be in it until the end. I may be too confident or optimistic here, but I honestly think UGA will end up with Mikell in this class.

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