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The Great Wall of Georgia

Jason Brassell

It's fun being a fan of the Geprgia Bulldogs right now. The Dawgs are back to back national champions and have the #1 ranked recruiting class for 2024 AND 2025. Kirby Smart and company are taking the phrase 'Dawgs on Top' to an entirely different level.

It has been evident that Smart wants to place an emphasis on the trenches since he first hired Sam Pittman as the offensive line coach. Nine offensive linemen from UGA have been drafted since 2017, including four in the first round (Isaiah Wynn, Andrew Thomas, Isaiah Wilson, and Broderick Jones. The Dawgs will likely lose four offensive line started after this year, with all of them having a good chance to be drafted.

Many fans had concerns (including myself) about the hiring of Stacy Searels as the new offensive line coach and some were probably legitimate. Most of the questions or concerns centered around recruiting. Of course he was previously on staff at UGA under Mark Richt and wasn't necessarily known then for his recruiting prowess.

He pulled in a pretty good class last year with a good mixture of highly ranked tackles (Monroe Freeling, Bo Hughley), and solid guards (Kelton Smith, Joshua Miller) and a good player who might need a couple of years to develop (Jamal Meriweather). You couldn't ask for too much better than this with the offensive line positions being the hardest to project with players out of high school. With the UGA offensive line one of the best in the country it would be hard to question Searels much on his coaching, but I think It would still be okay to move to 'wait and see' mode in regards to his recruiting.

If he pulls off what it looks like he's about to pull off, I'm moving from 'wait and see' mode to 'we got a good one' mode. Michael Uini is set to commit tonight at 7pm and UGA is trending here. Daniel Calhoun just announced that he'll be committing on July 5th. Alabama and Texas are the big challengers here, but it looks like Georgia will be able to hold them off. Nyier Daniels is set to make his decision on July 7th with the Dawgs leading big. The next day has Marques Easley sharing his announcement. Even though he didn't have UGA in his top three, it looks as if Geogia is the team to beat.

Could Georgia go 4-for-4 here? They very well could and in fact, it's what we're predicting.

Adding these four highly ranked offensive line prospects would give the Dawgs six commits total for the group. Are we going to take six in this class? We very well could if it's the right six. As of right now I don't think Marcus Harrison or Malachi Toliver look around and I don't think UGA will ask them to look around, so I do believe we take six. And make no mistake about it, these six guys are BIG BOYS!

(6'8" 335) Marcus Harrison
(6'6" 315) Malachi Toliver
(6'7" 330) Michael Uini
(6'6" 360) Daniel Calhoun
(6'8" 370) Nyier Daniels
(6'5" 340) Marques Easley

If it wasn't obvious that Kirby Smart and company are trying to get bigger on the offensive line, it is now. That's an average of 6'6" and 340 pounds. Those are some people movers, some big nasties, some hog mollies, some pancake makers, some steal your lunch money size players.

They could be known as The House of Pancakes, The Gridiron Gravy Guzzlers, The Steal Your Lunch Bunch, The Buffet Bouncers..................call them whatever you like, Kirby Smart has figured out they're the heart and soul of the team. They're the engine that makes the team run.

Analysts can point to many different aspects of the team that finally pushed Georgia over the top as national champions, but you really don't have to look far. It's this group and it will continue with the 2024 class if/when Georgia adds the six big men above.

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