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Looking Ahead - 2024 Quarterbacks, Who Do We Want?

Jason Brassell

One thing UGA is known for under Kirby Smart is having a plan A, B, C, D, and E for recruiting every position. He and his staff have proved it year after year. They rarely put all their eggs in one basket for a prospect. Of course that hasn't been the case this year, as the Dawgs went all out for Arch Manning. Unfortunately, he recently chose Texas over our beloved Dawgs. Many fans will see this as a big mess up by the staff, but did the ten million dollar a year national championship head coach just all of a sudden forget how to recruit? What's easier to believe is that we're comfortable where the QB room is with who we have on campus right now and there weren't any other 2023 quarterbacks we liked enough to take up a scholarship.

The top quarterback targets in the 2024 class that we're recruiting makes that statement even easier to believe. While the No. 1 quarterback in the nation Dylan Raiola was a top Dawg target for just as long as Arch Manning was, he has committed to Ohio State and seems to be very solid with the Buckeyes. Five Star quarterback CJ Carr visited Athens before, but nothing really ever advanced with the Notre Dame commit and UGA. Georgia has an offer out to four star Mater Dei QB Elijah Brown, but that relationship hasn't really had time to go anywhere. There are also three very talented quarterbacks from the state of Georgia who will be playing big time college football on Saturdays, but I don't forsee anything happening with Jake Merklinger, Prentiss "Air" Noland, or FSU commit Luke Kromenhoek.

That's because Todd Monken as prioritized a trio of five stars who could stand toe to toe with Arch Manning in a quarterback competition. Let me just get this out of the way.......................DJ Lagway is my favorite quarterback prospect out of the 2023 and 2024 classes not named Dylan Raiola. The Texas signal caller has offers from across the nation. He has visited places like Clemson, Alabama, Texas A&M, and UGA. Todd Monken has traveled to Texas to see Lagway at least once. As a sophomore he threw for 1579 yards and 7 touchdowns, with only 2 interceptions. He also ran for 715 yards and another 6 touchdowns.

While I have Lagway as the top QB on my list, Julian Sayin is right up there with him. The 6'1 185 pounder can make all the throws in and out of the pocket. He has been to Athens three times, as well as places like Tuscaloosa, AL and Austin, TX. It is thought that Texas was Georgia's main competitor at the time they got Manning's commitment. He told Dawgs Central in late June, “With UGA, they’ve got the talent around the QB and they’ve showed the results with the national championship.” Kirby Smart and company are putting everything they have into Sayin's recruitment and would be lucky to bring the five star out east if we can get him. He threw for 2769 yards and 34 TD’s, with a completion percentage of 71.5% while averaging 10.9 yards per an attempt. He could be the top target on the board for the Dawgs.

The only reason I say that he "COULD BE" the top target on the board for the Dawgs is because we are also heavily recruiting 5* Jadyn Davis. The two talented prospects very well might be 1A and 1B on the board. You couldn't go wrong with any of them, as Davis can also make all of the throws. One of the main differences between the two is location, as Davis is in North Carolina, a state where we've had tremendous success in recruiting. On top of that, the 6'0 190 pound gunslinger actually grew up in Georgia before moving to South Carolina in middle school and now to Providence Day in Charlotte. Davis has visited Georgia multiple times, and is high on other schools such as Alabama, Clemson, LSU, Michigan, North Carolina, and Texas A&M. Georgia was his first offer in the eighth grade.

Everyone is going to have an opinion as to who the top quarterback is in the nation for the 2024 class. Many times it will come down to what the teams need and how the quarterbacks fit into the offense. Whether you like one of these three quarterbacks more than the others, any team in the nation would be lucky to have them on their squad. The Dawgs to being a legitimate factor with all three shows that Kirby Smart and Todd Monken haven't forgotten how to recruit.

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