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2023 Prospects Predicted to UGA - Low Confidence Level

Jason Brassell

There are three prospects that we at Field Street Forum have predicted to UGA with a low confidence level.

1. Monroe Freeling - I will always be transparent with you guys on how I feel about a recruit and why. I will tell you if I have heard something straight from one of my guys myself, If I heard it from a another one of the DawgsCentral guys who was told something, or if I'm just straight up reading tea leaves. In this case, I'm straight up reading tea leaves. I haven't heard much at all about Freeling myself, but it screams UGA if you look at how his recruitment has gone. In the beginning, not much about UGA being said. Searels got hired to coach the OL and all of a sudden you're hearing a lot about Freeling, Now he's visiting on his own dime and it seems like UGA is all over him. That's why I put him at low confidence.

2. AJ Harris - This is one that has been everywhere. He grew up loving UGA and is very close with Pearce Spurlin. In the beginning, it looked as if Ohio State would be the biggest competition. Then Corey Raymond got hired at Florida and he visited there. Some at Florida even thought he was a silent commit there. Now everything is turning back towards the Dawgs. Could it turn again? Absolutely! I will be interested to see Harris playing big boy ball in Alabama 7A at Central-Phenix City this year. He was at a small private school at Glenwood. I have Harris at low confidence just because he has been kind of all over the place.

3. Caleb Downs - This is a guy I think could play early and often. He's smart and can run. I've never been confident that UGA was his outright leader and I know he is really high on Ohio State. I don't think he is the wishy washy type or anything like that. He's truly just trying to figure out who stands out the most. Both the Dawgs and Buckeyes have legit cases here and you can never count out Alabama in these recruitments.

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