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2023 Recruiting Snapshot Offense

Jason Brassell

Under Kirby Smart, I don't expect UGA to be out of the top 3-5 recruiting classes..........well, EVER. The guy is a recruiting machine and with the exception of the no visit covid year, you can expect him to be top 1-3 year after year. This will be true, even with the NIL in play now, which is an entirely different article.

At this moment, the Dawgs sit with 8 commits. You might as well say 7 commits, because Seven Cloud will not be in this class. Auburn is hard after Bo Hughley with a couple of his Langston Hughes teammates either committed to Auburn or expected to commit there. I expect Hughley to stick with UGA though. Lawson Luckie took a visit to Notre Dame and may take a couple more. I do think he will stick, but things could change if we're somehow able to grab Duce Robinson. I go back and forth on RyQueze McElderry. He's going to take his visits (just took one to Auburn) and we have a new OL coach. McElderry says all the right things and I believe he's one we'd be smart to keep.

Obviously Arch Manning is our auarterback target. The Mannings seem to do everything by the book in recruiting, but I can say there has been twice that I know of that he was in Athens and most didn't know abuot it. Looks like it will come down to UGA and Texas. We have him predicted to UGA.

Running back is an interesting position group in 2023. It is well known that UGA likes to bring in RBs in pairs. We have Justice Haynes pegged for one of the slots and doubt very seriously he goes anywhere else. I do not think he and Richard Young end up at the same school. It's not a big deal or anything, they're just similar backs. I believe Rueben Owens stays in Texas, but both he and Young have previously mentioned playing with Arch Manning. One to keep an eye on here is Jeremiyah Love. I've been told that he is VERY HIGH on our board.

The receiver I feel most comfortable with ending up at UGA right now is Tyler Williams. I do believe the Dawgs lead here and will be hard to beat. We're also going after a lot of speed, especially with JUCO prospect Malik Benson and with Anthony Evans, who was once committed to Arkansas. Mom is on our side with Evans and Benson loves Coach BMac. The most interesting receiver is Hykeem Williams, who recently got a crystal ball pick to Texas A&M. The top 3 receiver is VERY HIGH on the Dawgs, but you have to question everything when aTm gets involved heavily. Same goes for Carnell Tate and Tennessee. I'd like to see Jalen Brown on campus a couple of times to think we have a serious chance there. Rico Flores has UGA in his top 4. A receiver that I would have up on my board with the two previously mentioned Williams is Ayden Williams. As a matter of fact, my perfect receiver room would be the three Williamses and one of the speedsters. I absolutely love Ayden Williams and while I don't think we lead for him right now, I do believe we could get him.

We'll continue to go hard after 5* Duce Robinson at tight end. We'd be idiots not to. While I do think Southern Cal gets him, UGA is in this one BIG. It would not surprise me one bit if he ended up in Athens.

I strongly believe we keep Hughley on the OL and the optimism in me says we also keep McElderry. After those two, watch Monroe Freeling. UGA is trending after hiring Searels. Chase Bisontis has us in his top 5, while we have also been more involved with Shamurad Umarov. One to keep a very clsoe eye on is 5* Samson Okunlola. He hasn't been very busy recruiting wise, but he will be soon and UGA will be VERY heavily involved. We're in the top group for 5*'s Kadyn Proctor and Francis Mauigoa, but doubt very seriously we get either. I have Olaus Alinen choosing Alabama. I have questions on TJ Shanahan, as we seem to be on and off with him. I have bigger questions about Madden Sanker. At one point some thought he might be a silent. Now we're probably  not getting an OV and he's talking a lot of Louisville. I hate to go the easy route and say we're not as high on him anymore, but when you compare Louisville and UGA.......................................

That's it for now for the offense. We'll look at defensive recruiting in the next day or two as well as predictions. We'll also try to get as many interviews as we can with the above recruits.

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