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2023 Prospects Predicted to UGA - Medium Confidence Level

Jason Brassell

There are 7 prospects that FSF has predicted to UGA with medium confidence. Meaning that someone we trust on the UGA side of things has heard very good things about our chances.

1. ARCH MANNING - Let's just get right to the #1 player in the class. We're going UGA here for multiple reasons. One big reason is that UGA is in the SEC and NOW. Another is the level of players that will be around the quarterback. UGA is obviously the most consistent program over Texas. NATIONAL CHAMPS BABY!!! Sark better get Texas turned around quick, because they're not patient in Austin. One thing not talked about as much is the college experience and I'm told that is actually a big deal here and one of the main reasons UGA will be the team.

2-3. JAQUAVIOUS RUSSAW/JAMES SMITH - I beliebve UGA leads here and I believe both really want to come to UGA. The ONLY reason I don't have them at high confidence is because they are from Alabama and guys that Alabama Really wants bad.

4. TROY BOWLES - This one is a little harder because he isn't in the limelight as much. There are some at UGA that are very confident in getting Bowles, but there obsiously isn't any guarantees. Visits are going to be important here.

5. RAYLEN WILSON - Wilson has been committed to Michigan since December of last year, but there is A LOT of UGA talk around him. He has been on campus and will visit soon. If he was uncommitted, I would have him at the highest confidence. He obviously likes Michigan, but I have UGA here.

6. DANIEL HARRIS - This is one where I'm going more off of tea leaves than anything. I haven't heard much about Harris myself, but I've heard enough from others I trust to put him at medium confidence.

7. SAMUEL M'PEMBA - UGA has gained a lot of momentum lately with this 5*. Enough that I have him predicted to UGA. If the relationship was longer, I would have him at high confidence. Let's see how he feels after some visits and I may move him there.

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