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Unprecedented Territory

Jim Wood

For every game preview episode of My God a Podcast, we solicit questions. This week, we got a doozy from our friend Zack.

I really struggled to answer this. On the podcast, I said the closest game I could think of was 2018 Kentucky. I'm sure that isn't a popular answer, but here was my logic. That game was after the Florida game, and the SEC East was on the line.

My other thought was 2002 Auburn, as we had to win that game to win the SEC East and advance to our first ever SEC Championship Game. The problem with that game is Auburn was already a 3 loss team.

We actually had a pretty good answer in the replies on Twitter:

I'm going to give DawgsForever a pass on saying 2014 LSU (it was 2013) because I make that same mistake all the time. That really was a great game. It was an insane environment inside of Sanford stadium (arguably the loudest ever). The win moved Mark Richt to tears in the post game interview. If you recall, Paul Oliver had passed that same week, which likely led to Richt being overcome with emotion. That win also gave us Loran Smith's "A Letter for Larry."

But, I'm still not convinced that's the game either. That was fourth game of the season, and Georgia had already lost at Clemson in the season opener. Honestly, I'm not sure I've ever witnessed a game of this magnitude on Dooley Field at Sanford Stadium with my own eyes.

From this week's official game notes, it was noted the only other two top AP top five matchups at home for Georgia were against Auburn in 1983, and against Georgia Tech in 1942. Those games seem to fit my criteria better with both teams in the top five and the game being played late in the season.

And then I noticed something else about this. Who was on the 1942 team? None other than the late Charley Trippi. And who was the coach of that 1983 team? The late Vince Dooley. And who is being honored on the field on Saturday?


Go Dawgs!

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