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Last Win at Mississippi State

Jim Wood

It's been 17 years since Georgia won a football game at Davis Wade Stadium in Starkville. To be fair, Georgia has only lost one game at Mississippi State in the same span. The opening stat is really just a function of how infrequently these teams play. It is a little crazy that this is only the 26th meeting all time between these two founding members of the Southeastern Conference.

But let's go back to that 2005 game. If you know me, you know that I spend a good bit of time at Fripp Island in South Carolina. You may also know my dad as @FrippDawg on Twitter. That game at Mississippi State was played the weekend my parents moved into their house on Fripp. That was the first, of many, Georgia football games our extended family has watched on Fripp Island.

That's a game that really sticks out in my mind, and I suppose it's because of the family memories from that weekend. The main thing I remember is DJ Shockley throwing a touchdown pass to Danny Ware on essentially a busted play. From what I recall, Danny Ware's route was not a part of Shockley's read progression. At practice throughout the week, Ware had been telling Shockley he was open. DJ was dismissive and told him he wasn't even in the play. Sure enough, when the play broke down in Starkville, Shockley found a wide open Danny Ware in the end zone. And Ware was ready for the moment.

Which also reminds me who Danny Ware's position coach back in 2005…


Go Dawgs!

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