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Dawg Stats Recap as Dawgs Roll in Columbia

Josh Hancher

Once again, Dawgs dominate on both sides of the ball in a 48-7 win on Saturday. First up the offense, 8.7 YPP and 73% offensive success rate which betters the 67% clip versus Oregon.  The 73% is second best this century against Power 5 opponents (2015 v USC), add in 8.7 yards per play and .571 EPA   makes this offense lethal. Defensively, 31% success rate allowed was 10% lower than USC's season average.  Dawgs allowed 4.8 YPP and a negative EPA allowed.  This Defense is growing up and growing up quickly.  

Dawgs Stats 2022.jpg

The running game made some noise in Columbia averaging over 6 yards a carry and 63% success rate is great to see for any fan who likes to see a balanced attack.  In the Oregon game, Georgia was electric on all downs, but particularly on 3rd downs converting on 90%.  On Saturday they didn't wait around for 3rd down as they were 80% successful on 1st downs.  Needless to say, this efficiency on early downs makes most plays in playbook an option and that much harder on opposing defenses.

Dawgs Stats 2022 2.jpg


Dawgs Stats 2022 22.jpg

Can the offense keep producing at the clip?  Hard to say, but looking at the diversity of weapons being utilized and the overall efficiency... it's not out of the realm of possibility that this will be best offense in program history

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