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Run the Damn Statistics

Josh Hancher

When you write about the number one team in the country, it's hard not to just spread good news.  I have written and talked about how ridiculously efficient this offense is.  And, I have had genuine concerns about the offense in the past. I have zero now.  I am not even remotely concerned about the running game.  I am a stat nerd and love that we pass at a higher rate.  I don't know if that is because some of the passes are effectively runs, or that Monken and Bennett are taking what the defense gives them, or whatever the reason is.  NO WORRIED...  All stats are from College Football Data

Here are the numbers why.

Georgia ranks 55th in Power 5 in rush play percentage.  LOVE IT.

Georgia ranks 1st in Power 5 rush success rate.  LOVE IT.

Georgia rank 3rd in Power 5 Offensive Line Yards.  LOVE IT.

  • Line Yards attempts to measure the number of running yards which are attributed to the offensive line. Yards are weighted as follows:
  • losses - 120%
  • 0-4 yards from LOS - 100%
  • 5-10 yards from LOS - 50%
  • 11+ yards from LOW - 0+

Georgia ranks 21st in Short Yardage Success Rate.  REALY REALY LIKE IT

Georgia ranks 2nd in Stuff Rate.  LOVE IT.

  • percentage of plays stopped at or behind LOS

Screen Shot 2022-09-20 at 10.41.14 AM.png

76 Runs by Milton, Macintosh, Robinson, Edwards and Bennett.  5.3 YPC, 65% rush success rate, and .389 EPA (higher than anytime under Monken).  Think efficiency, not imposing your will.

Here are the runs... have at it in the comments.


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