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Dawgs and Gamecocks Film Analysis and Statistical Breakdowns

Josh Hancher

@Graham Coffey and I broke down the game with South Carolina.  All indications and our score predictions point towards a mismatch. Graham put in a lot time looking at SC's first two opponents and what I think he pointed to and what I saw was a erratic offense that - talent wise might be a 'buy low' but results are pretty bad.

Screen Shot 2022-09-15 at 6.00.38 PM.png

An offensive success rate of just over 40% is bad... like real bad. 88th in FBS and 12th in SEC bad.  That success rate leads an offense to pass for necessity and not to leverage.  The offense is behind the chains on 34% of downs which is the highest in SEC and passing on 58% of plays.  Worth noting that is fourth in conference behind Mississippi State, Georgia, and Alabama who all a passing it on 60%+ of snaps.   Difference being that Georgia has a pass success rate of 70% and is ahead of even MSU's 61% and the Gamecocks are last with a 31% pass success rate.  Needless to say that yards per play shows the inefficiency as well with an abysmal 5.4 YPP on passing plays,Screen Shot 2022-09-15 at 6.02.16 PM.png

What plays have been good for South Carolina?  Graham showed a few where Rattler moved out of the pocket and showcased some glimpses of what he can do in our preview show. Lookin up at the rushing offense for SC, when you can't run the ball effectively  or when your inefficiency makes you predictable, then your rushing attack suffers.  They miss Kevin Harris and a 3.9 YPA rushing attack is pathetic.  (this removes sack yardages).

Carolina's offense is bad.  Rattler has been erratic, the offensive line has been suspect, and they can't run the ball.  This could be a rout, especially when sprinkling in a defense which is allowing 33% success rate 4th in SEC, 33rd FBs and 20% passing down success rate.  If Rattler can't get the offense on schedule, Georgia should win easily.

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