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3 Year Trends of Offensive and Defensive Success Rate

Josh Hancher

Exciting title, right?  I have made a couple of graphs.  These are the percentage of games where a team's offense beat their opponents defensive success rate allowed.  Alabama is obviously on a 3 year heater with just a few games where the offensive success rate didn't exceed what their opponents were allowing to opposing offenses.  I was a little surprised to see Georgia's as mediocre as it was.  Once I saw the 2020 figure of just 40% of games, I realized that Georgia only had a 44% offensive success rate for the season. These metrics have garbage time filtered out.  What was wild, as I spot checked some individual games, was that in 2019, Georgia Southern ran 8 successful plays against LSU before the game was in garbage time.  

Off v Team Defense Suc Rate-01-01.png

Defensively, Georgia has been great holding teams under their season average offensive success rate.  100% in 2019!  Even held LSU under their season average in offensive success rate.

Off v Team Defense Suc Rate-01-02.png

Here is a 3 year game by game breakdown of what Georgia has done versus opponents season averages.  Surprised to see a low offensive success rate in the UAB game.  Again, these all have garbage time filtered out

.UGA off def SR by game v opp-04.png

UGA off def SR by game v opp-03.png

I really think that Georgia can settle in with elite offensive efficiency and stability with Monken at the helm for a couple of seasons. This is a new data set without garbage time.  Can't wait to do some of the successful play and points scored to do some prior and predictions for the upcoming season.  It's almost here, folks.




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