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We're Getting Closer

Jim Wood

We're now only 50 days to kickoff, and that means SEC Media Days are upon us! Beginning Monday the SEC's football coaches will bring three players along with them to Atlanta, GA to speak to gathered media. Kirby Smart will bring with him Stetson Bennett, Nolan Smith, and Sedrick Van Pran. It's pretty crazy to think about how much has changed in just one year (I suppose winning a national championship will do that). But think about these players again. I don't think anyone would be surprised to know that Nolan Smith would be attending this year, except for maybe expecting him to be in the NFL at this point. But the other two?

At this time last year, we thought Warren Ericson was going to be the starting center. He started at center in the Peach Bowl against Cincinnati and was perceived as the leader to succeed Trey Hill until a pre season injury. And even then we were hearing about Salyer taking snaps at center. Van Pran only went on to start every single game as a redshirt freshman on a national championship team.

And then we come to Stetson, who found himself once again buried on Georgia's depth chart last year. It was JT Daniels representing the offense at SEC Media Days a year ago, and I have to add he represented Georgia VERY well.

On this week's season 3 premier of My God a Podcast, we actually discussed if it could be Stetson having a sit down with Marty Smith this year. Now that would be pretty cool.

While I'm excited to see Kirby and these players represent Georgia next week, one person will certainly be missed this year in Dan MuLLLLLLen. He gave us this great quote last year.

Thankfully we'll still have some entertainment with Brian Kelly…

And we'll be on Saban/Jimbo watch.

It's going to be a fun week! What are you most looking forward to at SEC Media Days?

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