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Busy Week for UGA in Recruiting

Jason Brassell

It's been a whirlwind of a start for us here at Dawgs Central. Note to self - don't start a new website the same month official visits begin! We've tried so far to keep you updated on all the comings and goings with all of the top targets visiting and many committing. It will make it easier to do this by publishing a weekly recruiting preview. This will allow you to see everything already scheduled for the week without having to scroll through a bunch of forum posts.

While the Dawgs received big news last week and earlier in July, this week has the potential to be just as big. But before we get to that, let's look at the guys who are committing that we do not expect to announce for UGA. As always, some of these weren't priority targets and some just felt better at other schools:

July 9th - Jayden Wayne committed to Miami, Whit Weeks committed to LSU
July 11th - Dylan Lonergan to Alabama, we expect Madden Sanker to choose Louisville tonight.
                  We also have UGA on possible COMMIT WATCH tonight for the 2025 class.
July 12th - In-state linebacker Raul Aguirre announces his decision. We believe it's down to Miami vs Alabama.
July 14th - We fully expect Tony Rojas to select Penn State.
July 16th - Troy Bowles chooses between UGA, Ohio State, and Oklahoma. We have him predicted to the good guys!
July 17th - Might a certain running back announce on this day? If/when he does, we have him as All Dawg!

We also have five new predictions that will go out this week and possibly a surprise prediction that many don't expect to choose the Dawgs.



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