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Kirby Smart Speaks on Mike Bobo During Tuesday Press Confernceo

Will Morrison

It was a rather short press conference from Kirby today, but he did highlight the play-calling of Mike Bobo. It doesn't seem like the Bulldogs had a good Bloody Tuesday practice. 

On Simulating Pace in Practice: I don't think you can simulate their pace. They're really good at what they do. They're fast at what they do. We try to, but I don't really delve into how we practice publicly. We keep that in-house, but it is tough to simulate. 

On Amarius Mims: He's looked good. Played good. He feels more comfortable with each day. The highs and lows of that injury are pretty common

On CJ Smith: CJ is dealing with a knee injury. It's been bothering him off and on for a while. We're hoping to get him back soon. 

On Warren Brinson: Warren had a calf injury, so we're hopeful to get him back. He hasn't been able to do much this week. He felt it in the game some, but we're hopeful to get him back. He was out there today moving around. 

On What Stands Out About Mike Bobo's Play Calling: His ability to adapt to the personal we have. I mean, he's had a very rotating lineup. So his ability to teach concepts and have plug and play players. His development of the quarterback. His leadership and his messenger to the offense are critical because I'm not over there all the time. So, he has to be the leader and voice of reason. He relies heavily on his staff... He'd be the first to tell you. He's got an incredible staff...Dell, Hartley, BMac, and Searels are incredible, and the analysts are incredible. So when you put an incredible staff together, you get good decision-making and innovation. A lot of ideas that they present each week to him so that he has good material to pick from. 

On What Makes the Tennessee Run Game Explosive: Well, it's the backs. It's the commitment to the run and the spacing of the receivers. They're not playing in a phone booth... They're playing in a big farm field. I mean, they got everybody spread out, so when a run spits, it's going to go for a long way before somebody else gets to it. So, your ability to tackle and fit runs is exposed at three times the level. They almost always have a good box count, meaning they have a hat on a hat, and they're at an advantage. A man has to whip another man to be able to stop the run against them, and sometimes you don't do that.  

On if it's Harder to Get the Attention of the Team When You Have to Play a Team Coming Off a Disappointing Game: It was today, but I don't know if it was because of that. I don't know what it was because of. They must be feeling themselves a little bit. I'm a little disappointed. I don't think it has to do anything with Tennessee. I think it's just a disappointing practice. We've had about five really good Tuesdays in a row, and they were not good today. 

On Jonathan Jefferson: He's good. The breath got knocked out of him, I think. 

On the Advice He Gives Assistants Wanting to Move Up: Pick the right one. Be where your feet are. You've got a good job, and if you do a good job at your job, you'll get more opportunities. There are a lot of jobs out there that aren't better than the one you got. 

Photo Courtesy of Charles Jordan

Edited by Will Morrison



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