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@DawgStats Weekend Previews

Josh Hancher

The members have access to the entire season of data, box scores, and previews.  Too large to put into the blog.  Gonna put the SEC games and tonight's for you guys.  Be sure to check the show we did yesterday.  We use these graphics and go over a lot of these games

My quick takes

Utah offense is... terrible. Living on a few big plays and outstanding defense.  Gimmie the Beavers 24-10

Week 5 Preview.jpgWeek 5 Preview2.jpg

Florida's defense is really good.  They are holding it down while offense figures it out.  Florida wants to run, but that will be tough against another good defense in Kentucky.  Kentucky's offense has just a 40% success rate, and wondering if they every get it going for a noon kick.  Gimmie UF 21-17.

UK 2.jpgUK .jpg

UT's revenge tour is has back against the wall after the no show offense versus Florida.  They are heavy favorites and USC is a two man offense with Rattler and Leggett.  Tennessee wins it, but this is NOT the 2022 passing attack.  They will run the ball and avoid giving USC extra chances and short fields.  Vols 35-24

USC 2.jpgUSC .jpg

LSU is a hard team to figure out.  Defense is a BIG question.  Can they go into Oxford and let the offense outscore them?  Yes.  Not sure that Ole Miss can put up enough points.  LSU 38 Ole Miss 28


Georgia is a mystery to most pundits, fans, writers, and bloggers.  The offense is efficient, but has thumped anyone like we expected.  Auburn's offense is bad bad.  Unless Freeze has a plan to find yards and points without a passing game, it could be a rough game.  I hope I am not underestimating the Tigers.  

Dawgs 34-6


Missouri is surprise of the east.  They give up nothing on the ground and Vandy can't throw it.  Tigers 27-10


Aggies and Razorbacks- I've predicted 0 close games.  Don't like that.  A&M looks to be putting together a good season.  They shouldn't let Arkansas stand in the way. Though for part of the AU game, they looked meh offensively.  Gimme the Aggies in a close one.  27-24

Week 5 Preview bama2.jpg

Week 5 Preview bama.jpg

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