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The Good, The Bad, and The Unknown - 2023 Skill Positions

Jason Brassell

Let's do a series this week called "The Good, The Bad, and the Unknown". I don't think there will be much of The Ugly here, so we'll leave that out. Some of the most interesting recruitments of the year are with the skill positions. Of course everyone knows we lost out on a certain QB to not be named, but where do we go from there. What do we do with the 2nd running back spot? And the recruitments of the receivers are always fun to follow!


1) We're fine at quarterback. Stetson Bennett helped lead the team to a National Championship and he's returning. By all accounts, Carson Beck is really turning it on. Brock Vandagriff is getting to the time period where everything should start getting easier. Gunner Stockton is behind them and while everything probably looks like the speed of lightning to him right now, he's a very talented QB.

2) We're in on a tremandous group of five star QBs for the 2024 class. It would be a surprise if we don't get one out of the group of Julian Sayin, Jadyn Davis, and DJ Lagway.

1) We lost out on Arch Manning. Sure, he'd be a very very very big luxury to have but I guarantee you this program won't skip a beat. Think the UGA staff felt very good about getting him, but that's why I wait until the visit high wears off to start throwing out bold statements about where we stand with guys.

2) You also have to think about the stable of quarterbacks behind Bennett being unproven. A very talented group, but unproven.


1) I keep going back and forth on this and I'm not sure if Kirby and the staff have even decided yet. Kirby has taken a high school quarterback every year he's been here. Do we go after a guy like Kasen Weissman or Dylan Lonergan? Right now I'm leaning towards we don't take one, but that's betting against 7 years of history.

2016 - Jacob Eason, 2017 - Jake Fromm, 2018 - Justin Fields, 2019 - D'Wan Mathis and Stetson Bennett, 2020 - Carson Beck, 2021 - Brock Vandagriff, 2022 - Gunner Stockton



1) I have always thought and still think we get Justice Haynes.

1) I do think we made a move for Richard Young. But you always have to wait for that visit high to wear off and see what happens. I would go with Alabama today.

2) Rueben Owens' recruitment got weird quick. He was a top target for us for a long time and then things just seemed to fall off. Of course the first thought was "oh, he's just going to stay in state with Texas or Texas A&M", but he ends up with Louisville. Just a weird one there.

Who do we take if/when Richard Young commits to Alabama? I know at one time Jeremiyah Love was high on our board. He seems to like Michigan and Notre Dame a lot. I personally would have taken in-state RB Jamarion Wilcox yesterday, or another in-state beast in Dontavius Braswell. Do we leave the spot open and take an extra in 2024? Do we take a transfer?


1) UGA has options and plenty of them!

2 )I still love where UGA stands for Tyler Williams.

3) I also have heard we might just have the upper hand now on Texas A&M for Hykeem Williams.

4) I was told that Jalen Hale isn't as hooked at the hip with Arch Manning than I originally thought.

5) Jalen Brown is still working through his recruitment and will be on campus soon after the dead period ends on July. 24th.

1) Others are negative recruiting the heck out of us at this position.
    "UGA doesn't pass the ball" and "They only throw it to the tight ends" are two of the favorites.

2) We missed on 5* Brandon Inniss and 5* Carnell Tate, both going to Ohio State.

3) I've never expected Aidan Mizell to come here.

4) A bad for me is that we didn't go hard after Ayden Williams. He's one of my favorite receivers in this class.

5) We can almost say the same for Malik Benson as we did about Arch Manning above. Of course we were hearing very god things about UGA after his official visit, but I can guarantee you Alabama was on the phone with him directly after his oficial visit to Athens. As of right now, I have Benson predicted to Alabama.

1) Anthony Evans - Same as Malik Benson above, he's just not as far along in his recruitment. Think he had a great visit to UGA and the Dawgs gained some momentum. I got excited and almost put a prediction in for him to UGA, but held off. Now that the visit high is gone and he's continued with his recruitment with everyone, I'm not sure what he does. Right now, I'm leaning not UGA. This one could get interesting.

2) We recently offered Penn State commit, Yazeed Haynes. He's a very similar player to Evans and Benson and another reason I'm not feeling great about those two. Obviously we'll have to get Yazeed on campus after the dead period is over on July 24th to have a chance here.

3) Williams Fowles visited recently and is a name to keep in your back pocket.



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