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Big 12 Preview

Josh Hancher

I have been working all summer keeping the CFP Stat Preview up to date and also adding some info.  Last week I laid out a statistical resume for some of CFP contenders.  Wanted to show the Big 12 teams with that info and highlight some the info from the Big 12 preview.  @Graham Coffey has asked me to do some conference previews and the Big 12 is up next.

Let look at the Big 12 Teams:

  • Vegas Odds
  • Implied Odds
  • Three Year Tracking:
    • Net YPP
    • Offense Success Rate
    • Defensive Success Rate

Big 12 for DC.jpgBig 12 for DC2.jpgBig 12 for DC3.jpg

It's pretty clear that Texas is trending the right direction and the three key stats are within striking range of a CFP statistical resume. The have the same win total as Oklahoma, but that is largely because of the return trip to Alabama.  Let's look at the Big 12 teams' schedule breakdown!

Drop your win total predictions in the comments and head over to the forum for the DawgsCentral code for a discount for the full guide!  

Big 12 Schedule .jpgBig 12 Schedule 2.jpgBig 12 Schedule 3.jpgBig 12 Schedule 4.jpgBig 12 Schedule 5.jpgBig 12 Schedule 6.jpgBig 12 Schedule 7.jpg



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