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Dawgs Central Catches Up With 4-Star DT Jamaal Jarrett

Graham Coffey

Over the last few months Jamaal Jarrett has been one of the fastest rising prospects in the 2023 class. Last week he cancelled his official visit to Texas A&M and announced he has trimmed his list of potential destinations to three schools. He also told the college football world that his commitment will come on July 19th. Georgia, North Carolina & Auburn are the programs vying for Jarrett’s services. With just a month remaining until he chooses his future home, the 6’6” 350 pound Jarrett caught up with DawgsCentral…

DC: You recently cancelled some OV’s and announced you’ve cut your list down to UNC, Auburn & UGA. What is it about those 3 schools that has attracted you to them and made you fell like now was the time to focus on your final 3?

Jarrett: “These three schools alone have represented all i have wanted to see…

1. A great academic program  

2. Good Support System.

3. good people and connections at each school

4. The relationship with the coaches   

DC: What factors will you be weighing the most as you try to decide between these 3 schools? 

Jarrett: “The people, what surrounds the school, the connections i have at each school, the coaches and the academic system.”

DC: Georgia’s defense just put 5 players into the 1st round, including NC native Jordan Davis. I know that Davis came to Athens and chatted with you on your official visit. What advice and wisdom did he share with you?

Jarrett: “Jordan kept it brief but known… He said, ‘You know what’s gonna get you right!!! Me being a Carolina guy myself, this school and program alone have made me what i am today’ The UGA coaches said that I could be better than or close to the type of player Jordan is.” 

DC: Jamal, you told me previously about the play you’re most proud of on your highlight tape. It’s a big hit you put on a RB in the 4th quarter of a hard fought game. You came from across the field to make that play. In your mind, what does that say about the player you are?

Jarrett: “That play alone shows how bad i want it and how bad i love the game. I was dead tired and the RB was going to make the biggest play of the game. With me knowing that, I sucked up the fatigue and gave it my all to run him down and make that play that would seal the deal. It shows how bad i want to be great and with that power alone will help me become not just a better player but a better leader & man.”    

DC: What parts of your game are you looking to improve and perfect as you head into your senior season? 

Jarrett: “I want to focus on staying just a tad bit lower. I also want to be able to open up my bag of goodies and use some more moves in my pass rush and run game situations this year as well.”

DC: Travis Shaw played at your high school and is at UNC now. He was another 5-star interior line prospect. What does it say about the talent in Gboro that you guys are coming out of the same school in consecutive years? Is the chance to play with him again a factor in your decision?

Jarrett: “Travis is a great player but i kinda want to focus more on my path and not really involve him in making my decision, he did what was best for him and i’m going to do what’s best for me, so no, playing with him on the next level isn’t really big for me.”

DC: Tray Scott has had an incredible track record of developing DL prospects lately. What’s your relationship like with Coach Scott? Any other coaches or players at UGA that you’ve gotten close with during your recruitment?

Jarrett: Me and Coach Scott’s relationship is top tier. He’s like a big bro/uncle to me and i love the way he develops his players. Coach Hall, Coach Coop, Coach Merritt, and of course Coach Smart have really been the best staff so far. I love these guys and what they do and I know for sure they are dedicated to getting their guys better.

For the latest on Jamal Jarrett’s recruitment and intel on how the rest of UGA’s 2023 class is coming together check out the DawgsCentral forum…



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