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Georgia Gets a Two Point Win over LSU. Faces #1 Alabama Next

Josh Hancher

Georgia made it interesting but survived on Tuesday night to get a 65-63 win over LSU.  Georgia was shooting under 30% from the field and down by 2 at the half but ended up shooting 44% for the game despite getting just 28% of the 3’s to fall.

Georgia was led by Braelen Bridges and Adur-Rahim who had 13 and 11 points.  Georgia had 9 players score and 6 score at least 6 points.  Lots of contributions and they needed them all to escape with a 2 point win.  Roberts who played 23 minutes on Saturday looked a little gassed on Tuesday night after missing a couple weeks with a concussion.

Georgia heads to Tuscaloosa to face #1 Alabama which is something we expect in football season not, basketball.  That game looks to be a mismatch, but who knows.  This season’s story is still being written, and Mike White continues to give the diehard fans reasons to be excited going forward.

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