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Ask Dawgs Central Review

Jason Brassell

Here at Dawgs Central, we strive to give you the correct information in a timely manner. We also want to provide the content that you want to see. It's been a crazy first 17 days, but we hope you've seen the quality that we're able to provide. Right now recruiting is the center of attention due to most of the official visits happening in June. But I can assure you we have a damn good team of guys and gals that will bring great football content that no one else provides.

Our first "Ask Dawgs Central" last night was a good mixture of recruiting and football.


We also answered questions on who the starting secondary would be, who the starting quarterback might be after Stetson Bennett's last season this year, Brock Bower's shoulder injury, etc.

Of course the first question that is asked on the recruiting front is always about Arch Manning, and understandably so. There seems to be a good bit of confidence around Butts Mehre on getting the #1 player in the nation. We also talked about how UGA will fit everyone that might want in at ILB, the AJ Harris commitment, and many other topics like a player UGA is in on that isn't widely known.


We look forward to doing more of these "Ask the Staff" nights on the forum and on live podcasts! Thank you everyone for participating.


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