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Star Studded Group of Official Visitors Headed to Athens This Weekend

Jason Brassell

While each group that makes their way to the Classic City every weekend is special, this weekend will be a five syar event! Snagging a couple of guys from this weekend would almost guarantee a top 1-3 recruiting finish for the 2023 class. There are four 5* prospects expected to head to Athens this weekend, with another four 4* recruits in the house. The ninth is a 3* Dawg legacy.

UGA is known for bringing in some absolutely nasty running back combinations, but I've never thought that Justice Haynes and Richard Young would end up in the same place. Their games wouldn't necessarily compliment each other like Zeus and Cook or Milton and McIntosh. Saying that, if anyone could pull that duo it's Dell McGee and UGA. He visited Alabama last week and will head to Oregon the weekend after UGA. I'd pick him to head to Alabama if tomorrow were signing day, but he has mentioned in the past wanting to play with Arch Manning. Let's see what the Dawgs can do here. I have us running 2nd.

Hykeem Williams is one that will frustrate UGA fans. The Dawgs were well on their way to getting Williams until Texas A&M got involved. He visited the Aggies (unofficial) last weekend and they have all of the momentum right now. I will say that I've been told that he isn't locked in with A&M and that UGA is still very much in this.

James Smith is the type of five star prospect that usually doesn't leave the state of Alabama. You'll read this a lot from me...................If anyone can get him from the Crimson Tide, it's Kirby Smart and UGA. Smart, Cochran, and Schumann have a great relationship with his trainers (Madhouse Training) from their time on staff at Alabama. I'm not ready to predict him to the Dawgs yet, but I've come close a couple of times. UGA is VERY MUCH in this one.

I feel more confident about Smith's 5* Carver-Montgomery teammate Qua Russaw. This guy is a Freak! I've seen him play live a few times and he changes the way offensive coordinators call a game. This dude can play outside or inside at the highest level. I have him predicted to UGA, but definitely no kind of stone cold lock or anything like that. It's going to be a battle, but I really think UGA has this one right now.

UGA will get the last shot at Malik Benson, who should be in Tuscaloosa right now. Tennessee is the team to beat, but I've been told they don't have an insurmountable lead. I don't believe the UGA 2023 class will include Benson and Anthony Evans, unless we strike out on a couple of others. Let's see what the Dawgs can do here.

It's hard to see anyone beating Florida for Aidan Mizell, since he's a legacy recruit there. But he's making his rounds and stranger things have happened in recruiting.

Olaus Alinen is an intriguing offensive line prospect. The Finnish mammoth is thought to be leaning towards Alabama heading into his Athens visit. I'm honesly not sure how high he is on our board and haven't heard much about him. That doesn't mean I don't think we want him or I don't think he's high on our board. I honestly just don't know on him.

One prospect who is trending towards UGA is Daniel Harris. I do think we lead for Harris and have him predicted to UGA. He's a prospect that has a longstanding relationship with Coach Fran Brown. Penn State and Michigan are other teams to watch here, but I have him ending up in Athens.

Whit Weeks is the legacy recruit scheduled to be in town for his OV this weekend. In any other year, he might be a top priority. And this isnt meant to talk bad about the kid, since LSU wants him bad. But who on our LB board are you going to tell they don't have a spot? Bowles, Allen, Wilson? Howard or Rojas? Weeks can flat out play, but it looks like he will be flat out playing with his brother at LSU.



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