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Repeating vs. Reporting

Jim Wood

Bulldog Nation, rightfully so, was up in arms over comments made by ESPN's Todd McShay about Jalen Carter having "character issues" this week. In case you missed it, here's the clip.

We've seen account after account, many in the replies to Jon's tweet embedded above, of people coming to Carter's defense. We've seen it from fans, teammates, alumni, and even other media members.

The primary defense I've seen for McShay is that he's simply "doing his job" and "reporting what he hears". I take serious issue with that.

In 2014, an autograph dealer shopped a story about Todd Gurley accepting money for his signature. He had no takers in the media. Everyone from EDSBS to ESPN turned him down. They didn’t feel the need to report on this.

I submit this as evidence that Todd McShay is doing the opposite of his job here. There's a difference between reporting, and repeating. Todd is simply repeating. Do better.

Go Dawgs!



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