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The Deep South's Oldest Rivalry's Craziest Games

Jim Wood

On Saturday, Georgia will take the field against Auburn in the 127th edition of The Deep South's Oldest Rivalry. We got a great question on My God a Podcast this week about our favorite crazy game over the years from our buddy @5127GATA on Twitter. Here's how he framed the question:

I mentioned on the podcast that I remember exactly where I was for each of these, but I didn't go into each story because, well, the podcast is long enough as it is. So, I'm going to do that now.

In 1992, I was watching the game at home on tv. I was 12 years old, and my main objective was to find @Lou Wood on tv, haha. He went to that game last minute with an Auburn grad neighbor of ours, and I was convinced they'd be on tv. While I never saw them, I got to see a heck of a game. This was Ray Goff's best team by a mile, and this was arguably the biggest win of that season. We even have a gif of Ray's famous signal to the team to stay down.


In 1994, my older sister was a student at Georgia. Our family spent that weekend on Lake Hartwell. The way I remember it, that game was on ESPN and we didn't have cable at the lake. So what did one do in such a situation? We went in to Toccoa and watched the game at "The Pub." I'm not sure why I put "The Pub" in quotes. That was actually the name of this place. RIP The Pub in Toccoa. Anyway, we ate the best hamburgers in Toccoa while we watched the Dawgs put an end to Auburn's 20 game win streak (I had to look that stat up). What I'm not going to look up is the last play of the game. From my memory, Eric Zeier attempted a Hail Mary on the last play of the game, which Auburn naturally intercepted. We were all screaming at the tv while an Auburn defender returned the interception for what seemed like an eternity, before the game finally ended in a tie.

If ending a game in a tie seems un-American to you, college football agreed by adopting the overtime rules in 1996. For the final of these three game, we were watching the 1996 game at home. However, we were supposed to go visit my grandparents in Macon. We left our home in Roswell at some point in the 4th quarter. We proceeded to listen to Larry Munson's call of the last second touchdown pass from Mike Bobo to Corey Allen. And of course the entire overtime. I'll always remember that game because I had to rely on Larry to tell me what was happening. It's one of my fondest memories as a Georgia fan. Needless to say, that game got my vote amongst these three games.

Go Dawgs!

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