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Georgia's History With Samford

Jim Wood

While doing my extensive prep for our Samford preview episode of My God a Podcast, I came across something that was a little odd. For every game, we start off talking about some simple matchup items. When is the game? What channel is it on? What's the weather look like? But we also call out the all time record against each opponent. I generally pull this from the history that Georgia posts for every opponent. According to the history page for Samford, Georgia is 1-0 all time against the Bulldogs from Alabama. The only prior meeting was a 42-14 win in 2017. Seems simple enough.

However, I didn't really remember much about that game back in 2017. When I looked at the schedule and saw it was sandwiched in between the trip to Notre Dame and the beatdown of Mississippi State, my lack of recollection made sense. But in doing that research, I came across this game recap. This part stood out to me:

*Series History: With tonight’s 42-14 win, Georgia improves to 3-0 overall and 2-0 all-time against Samford.

How could Georgia have moved to 2-0 all time against Samford with a win in 2017 if Georgia is currently 1-0 all time against Samford? It bothered me so much that @PowellJohnT made fun of me when I mentioned it on the podcast. Here's the moment:

It's been days since we recorded that episode, but I still had not been able to let this go. I couldn't figure out how this could be. Then, it hit me. Something that John said in this episode popped into my mind:

Ok, so Samford University was known as Howard College up until 1965 according to Wikipedia. Once that comment from John popped into my head, I was able to figure this out with a simple Google Search. From Samford's game notes for the All-Bulldog Showdown:

The teams first met in 1943 with Georgia topping then-Howard College by a score of 33-0 before Georgia came away with a 42-14 victory in 2017.

Mystery solved. So while I suppose Georgia is technically 1-0 all time against "Samford University", I'm going to consider this to be the third meeting between these schools. Now, let's head to Sanford Stadium on Saturday to help get the Bulldogs from Athens a 3-0 all-time series lead.

Go Dawgs!

You can hear our entire Samford Preview episode of My God a Podcast right here, or wherever you get your podcasts.


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