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Two Words of Advice

Jim Wood

The season has arrived, and for the first time since September 5th, 1981 Georgia will step on the field in the season opener as the defending national champions. As Georgia fans, we've enjoyed the most relaxing off-season in over 40 years. No regrets. No what ifs. We did the dang thing.

But now as we embark on a new season, I'm sure it won't take long for the old habits to take hold again. Folks will be "Munsoning" over this or that. It's inevitable. Having said that, I do have two words of advice for all of Dawg Nation: Enjoy it.

John @PowellJohnT and I talked about this a lot last year on My God a Podcast. In general, our concern was that some fans were so busy worrying about the quarterback position, or any other number of things, that they failed to enjoy the ride while it was happening. So, if you found yourself in that mode last year, my advice is to make sure you enjoy the season. We only get so many games each year with our beloved Bulldogs. Now let's get out there and cook some ducks on Saturday. Go Dawgs!

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