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The Question We're All Waiting to be Answered

Jim Wood

Fall camp officially started yesterday, and with that came the first round of official press conferences for Kirby Smart and a handful of players. With that, I'm here to talk about the question that is still on everyone's mind. And of course, I'm talking about what the team and fans are going to wear in the showdown with Oregon.

Laugh if you will, but a quick perusal of Twitter will show a lot of people asking these questions. And my main point in writing this is that I wish Georgia would just announce this stuff. In my opinion, the school should put out a schedule in early August that includes what the team will wear as well as what they want the fans to wear. I know a lot of people "don't care" about this kind of thing. However, when you leave a void, that void is going to be filled. Here are some examples.

People are waiting for the jersey colors to be released:

Student groups are tying to organize coordination on fan attire:

If everyone starts to promote wearing black as the Spike Squad is calling for, then great. The problem becomes when other groups disagree and say we need to wear red, or white.

I think we need to remove the mystery around this stuff. Make all of it commonplace. The 2007 blackout against Auburn can never be recreated. That was a one time deal. So my ask of the UGAA is to just do all of the thinking for us. I thought the were heading down that path in Kirby's first season with a simple press release from the Athletic Association. While the release with this information is no longer on GeorgiaDogs.com, we still have access to it thanks to the internet archives.

From the release (which was an FAQ document):

There were a few stories during the summer about the football team wearing black jerseys. Should we be wearing certain colors at specific games?
Fans are encouraged to red for all home games, with the exception of our game with Louisiana-Lafayette. For the November 19 game against ULL, fans are encouraged to wear black.

Why is that so hard to repeat? It's so simple, yet so effective. And it would alleviate all of the perceived "distraction" that I have a feeling some folks are worried about. There's no distraction if everyone knows what's going on.

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