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2023 Prospects Predicted to UGA - High Confidence Level

Jason Brassell

Alright, we started with the low confidence predictions and continued with the medium confidence predictions. Now it's time for the 2023 prospects that I have the utmost confidence in committing to UGA:

1. JUSTICE HAYNES - He may take visits and it may look like he has other schools as high as UGA, but when it comes down to it he's a DAWG. I would be very very very surprised if he's not.

2. TYLER WILLIAMS - It would be hilarious to get the top receiver from Lakeland High (heavy Florida territory) and it looks like that very well could happen. I've been told that UGA knocked this one out of the park. It will be even bigger after getting him on an OV.

3. SYDIR MITCHELL - You try to wait and let the visit high wear off but UGA killed Sydir's official visit. He'll have others but he is ours to lose.

4. JAMAAL JARRETT - UNC is a legit threat and if all things were equal, he'd probably pick the home state team. Good thing for us is not all things are equal. The exact words that were told to me is "This isn't Travis Shaw." The NFL draft is just going to be too much for UNC to overcome.

5. CJ ALLEN - I am very very very high on Allen as an ILB and so is UGA. The Dawgs and Coach Schumann have done a great job here and it would be a very very big surprise if he doesn't end up in the red and black. Was told there areally is no competition on where he goes.

6. CHRIS PEAL - I have heard myself that UGA leads big here. I have also heard second hand that he is even a silent. He is super high on UGA's board and we jumped fast.

7. JOENEL AGUERO - LSU is pushing hard here, but I still have him committing to UGA in the end. This has been trending our way for a goods while and weill very likely stay that way.

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