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Weekly Recruiting Preview - Dawgs Will Get Better This Week

Jason Brassell

Even after yesterday's surprising news, It's obvious with the way the recruiting calendar is set up that July is now the biggest month for commitments. UGA and pretty much every other major program have watched their commit lists grow. Of course NIL (name, image, and likeness) is now playing a huge part, with teams like Texas and Miami buying players left and right. It was Texas A&M with the 2022 class, pulling in the highest ranked recruiting class in history while producing a 8-4 record in 2021. In spite of not pushing the limits WAY PAST what the NIL was meant to be, The University of Georgia will still have a very promising 2023 class.

The Dawgs look to add to that class this week, with at least three top targets making their decisions.

Jamaal Jarrett is set to announce his decision tomorrow, June 19th. He is down to UGA, UNC and Auburn, with the Dawgs and the Tar Heels the main contenders. We have put in an official Dawgs Central prediction for the 4* defensive lineman to pick UGA. Firday will also be a big day for UGA, as 4* in-state offensive lineman Kelton Smith will commit to the team of his choice. While teams such as LSU, aTm, and Florida have made a push, he has previously said that Georgia is his leader. We'll put in an official Dawgs Central prediction in for Smith tomorrow.

The prospect committing this week who is generating the most excitement is 5* safety Joenel Aguero. He has been considered a UGA lean for the majority of his recruitment, but Miami is generating some buzz. I believe part of this is due to Aguero showing the Hurricanes some love on social media to create some hype. I also think much of it is fans creating an echo chamber of the same "information" that could have been started anywhere.We'll put in an official Dawgs Central prediction in on Aguero Thursday. (As we continue building the website, we'll catch up and even get ahead on predictions)

There are many other targets or former targets scheduled to make their decisions this week. As always, UGA didn't quit recruiting all of these guys. Some of them just felt better about other schools. Even if they weren't a top priority for the Dawgs, they're still 10 times the athlete most of us sitting on our couches were!

July 17th - TE Jelani Thurman - In-State TE - OhSt/MichSt
July 18th - Edge Rico Walker - former target - UNC/Tenn/Mary
July 20th - CB Malik Muhammad - former target - Tex/Ala/aTm
July 20th - S Jayden Bonsu - former target - Mia/MichSt/OhSt
July 23rd - OT Payton Kirkland - former target - Fla/Mia/MichSt
July 23rd - LB Malik Bryant - former target - Fla/Mia/Ala




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