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Week 2 Stats, Metrics, and Box Score - @DawgStats

Josh Hancher

Week 2 is in the books.  We had some Power 5 action, and stats are shaping into an expected trajectory.  But, some teams are newcomers to the quality teams metrics.  These graphs start with at the weekly Points Scored + Success Rate graph which shows us winning teams have averaged 49% success rate and 39 points per game, and the losing teams 33% and 15 points.  This is by game and what teams average so far follows and had offense and defensive splits and broken down by conference.  Also, there are tables including a lot more data. 

I've included some of the bigger games' box scores.  A more detailed version is available to subscribers in the forum.  I hope you guys dig it

00001 Week 2 Stats.jpg00002 Week 2 Stats.jpg00003 Week 2 Stats.jpg00004 Week 2 Stats.jpg00005 Week 2 Stats.jpg00006 Week 2 Stats.jpg00007 Week 2 Stats.jpg00008 Week 2 Stats.jpg00009 Week 2 Stats.jpg00010 Week 2 Stats.jpg00011 Week 2 Stats.jpg00013 Week 2 Stats.jpg00012 Week 2 Stats.jpg00014 Week 2 Stats.jpg00015 Week 2 Stats.jpg00016 Week 2 Stats.jpg00017 Week 2 Stats.jpg00018 Week 2 Stats.jpgBox.jpgBox2.jpgBox3.jpgBox4.jpg

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