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Kirby Smart Talks About Injured Players and Their Status After Georgia's First Scrimmage

Jason Brassell

- On Kendall Milton - "Kendall has not been able to completely go. He’s trying to get back best he can,"

- On Branson Robinson - "Branson [Robinson] goes into individuals so that's what you are seeing in the assumption that he is back. He is not cleared to go yet. He's on track to get back earlier than we originally thought, but he's not back yet. He does individuals because that is great exercise for him. That's reps for him to catch in the backfield, but no, he's not back."

- On Raylen Wilson's scrimmage injury - "Raylen had a hyper extended knee. As of right now, we're going to reserve judgement until we know for sure, but the ligaments are intact, we think he'll be fine. It was a scary play, but he seems to be fine. He walked off the field on his own and Ron [Corson] feels good about it, but you never know, you have to do the whole due diligence. Coming out of it, I think we've got a couple guys dealing with a couple ankles, I don't think we had a significant injury other than Raylen, and I don't know how long it'll be, but we don't think it'll be ligament damage."

- On Smael Mondon's Progress - "Smael's been great. He works really hard everyday. When you're dealing with that kind of injury, it's a very sensitive injury. It's one of those deals where you have to be patient. We knew that when we found out about it in the very beginning of the spring. We knew from the minute that he had it that it was a long-term deal. He's fighting similar to what Dan Jackson had, and also fighting what Xavian [Sorey Jr.] came in with as a freshman. Luckily, we caught it a little bit early and we were able to start that process. The worst thing would have been to not catch it and not figure out about it in fall camp. He's doing really well – he's running on the side and he's on progress."

- On RaRa Thomas - "Yeah Rara did everything today. He was good. I think he had a hamstring spasm. He just didn't start with his position. He's practiced each day, hasn't missed a day but he's been held out of portions."

- Kamari Lassiter - "Kamari is much closer with the foot sprain."

- On TID - "Tyrion Ingram-Dawkins is much closer."

- On Dan Jackson - Was able to scrimmage today, but “couldn’t go as much as he’d like to.”

- On Chris Peal - "Chris Peal has got turf toe. He's been battling, trying his best to get back but he's not back yet."

- On Austin Blaske - "Blaske has been battling some sickness. He was sick and there was one or two days in there that he didn't get to practice, but when he's been there, he's done really well and been really competitive. I think the heat's been really tough on him. He's a fighter, man. He's one of the toughest kids I've been around."


- On the Status of De'Nylon Morrissette - "De'Nylon's going to join us as soon as school starts, which is Wednesday. He's been part of the team. He's been with us. He's just not practicing. He's allowed to go to administrative programming. He's allowed to go to a lot of programming we've got in place for him and the whole team, so he does that and he's here every day."

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