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Georgia Picked to Win the SEC East and SEC Championship

Jason Brassell

SEC Media Days are behind us, summer workouts are coming to an end, and fall camp is about to begin. It will be time for college football in 36 days and 43 days until Georgia's first game! That is when it's time to put up or shut up. In the meantime Tennessee fans will still think their high-powered offense will somehow vault them over the Dawgs, South Carolina fans will sing the praises of Shane Beamer and scream that this is the year they put a trophy on their empty shelf, Florida fans are hoping for a record over .500, and Alabama fans will continue to pretend like not having a quarterback doesn't matter.

The new King of the Mountain in the SEC, the Georgia Bulldogs, have been picked to win the SEC East for the sixth time in seven years. Georgia is also the pick to win the SEC Championship for the second year in a row. Kirby Smart and company received 265 out of 291 votes to win the SEC East. The Dawgs also had 181 points in the conference-wide poll, while Alabama finished second with 62 points.

The order behind Georgia's 2,011 points in the east was: Tennessee (1,682); South Carolina (1,254); Kentucky (1,204); Florida (911); Missouri (658); and Vanderbilt (428). After Georgia's 265 first-place votes for the East division came Tennessee with 14, Vanderbilt with 8, South Carolina with 3, and Kentucky with 1 vote.

The Crimson Tide earned 1,899 votes in the west, followed by LSU (1,838); Texas A&M (1,144); Ole Miss (1,128); Arkansas (958); Auburn (685); and Mississippi State (496).

Alabama received 165 first-place votes in the West. LSU had 117, Auburn had 4, Arkansas had 3, Texas A&M had 1, and Mississippi State had 1.


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