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Everything Brock Bowers Said in His Q&A Session at SEC Media Days

Will Morrison

Q. Some changes in the off-season, offensive coordinator, Todd Monken, he's off to the NFL to Mike Bobo, and quarterback Stetson is out and you have Beck, Vandagriff, you have Stockton. How has the transition been from one offensive coordinator to the other, and what's your chemistry been like with Carson Beck?

BROCK BOWERS: Yeah, it was pretty seamless because Bubba was there last year and then the tight end room actually helping out and just being the offense, quality control, assistant kind of role.

So everyone was kind of used to him. I mean, everyone really likes him. So it's been a pretty seamless transition.

Then, our relationship with Carson Beck is actually really good. We've been locker buddies, I guess. We are right next to each other in the locker room every day. He's been doing really good. So we've been around each other the last two years, so it's been pretty -- pretty easy.

Q. There are several NFL tight ends at the top of their game right now. Is there a player that you emulate your game after and that you admire? Obviously Travis Kelce, right here in Nashville, or are there others?

BROCK BOWERS: Yeah, I think Travis Kelce and George Kittle both do a great job. I just try to take what I can from them, and just, they are awesome.

Q. AD Mitchell obviously transferred to Texas. What did you see from him when you were a teammate with AD?

BROCK BOWERS: Yeah, AD was a beast. He was one of the twitchiest dude I've ever seen. He'd take one step and be the opposite direction at full speed. He's just an impressive player, and I'm just hoping for the best for him at Texas.

Q. You've been around the program the last few years but how has a guy like Ladd McConkey in the wide receiver and tight end room. How important is it having a guy like who has worked hit butt off to get to where he is, like you guys, but also just as a leader in the program and the wide receiver room and tight end room and the team as a whole?

BROCK BOWERS: You said, what is it -- can you repeat that, please?

Q. Yeah, no problem. Having Ladd McConkey in the wide receiver and tight end room as a leader, what's it mean for the younger guys and obviously the team as a whole?

BROCK BOWERS: He's an awesome leader. He's kind of like me, kind of leads by example, and he does a really good job at it. He just comes in with a positive mindset and smile on his face every day.

So I feel like he kind of brings the whole team's vibe up a little bit, and he just does everything right.

Q. You guys have seemed to build a lot of talent in that tight end room. Obviously you had Darnell going to the NFL last year; yourself, you're one of the top tight ends in the country and you have Pearce and Lawson coming in, as well. You're kind of building Tight End University there. What's it like in Georgia that's really allowed you guys to grow and be the best versions of yourselves that you can be?

BROCK BOWERS: I think a big thing it has to do with is Coach Smart and his staff, and especially Coach Hartley who coaches the tight ends. He's a great football coach, as well as coaching us off the field, and as well as trying to have us be the best version of us that we can; and be a great father, friend and just kind of everything off the field, too.

Q. What are some of the challenges of getting to and winning the National Championship and what did you anticipate are going to be some of the hurdles you'll go through going for a third one this year?

BROCK BOWERS: I think Coach Smart talked about it a little earlier, but it's kind of like the whole thing that better never rests and we are trying to battle complacency.

Coming off two income National Championships, we are trying to stay hungry and be the best we can be every single day. Actually I think we've been doing a pretty good job that have and we just have to keep it going throughout fall camp and the end of the season

Q. What makes Georgia, Athens, the Sanford Stadium a special place within the SEC?

BROCK BOWERS: I think it's so special because of our fans. Shoot, we have our National Championship parade, it was freezing the first year and they packed out the stadium. They were all lined up on the street, just cheering us on. They just have a huge commitment to us and the community does too. Yeah, it's just awesome to see.

Q. One of the hurdles in repeating as a champion or winning a championship is blocking out the outside noise. There's been a lot of that since you guys won the most recent championship. What can you say about the program in terms of accountability and discipline?

BROCK BOWERS: Yeah, I think we have a very strong culture among players and coaches and everything. We've had numerous meetings about what we can do better on and off the field, and I think we have done a pretty good job of blocking out the outside noise and focusing on ourselves and focusing on the stuff that we can get better at personally.

Q. What are some of the hurdles you're trying to jump this year to be better? You've done so many things in your career right now, winning championships and accolades and things. What are you trying to do this coming year?

BROCK BOWERS: One of the things I'm trying to do better at is be a better leader. Because now I'm the old guy in the room somehow, and I feel like time flew by and I feel like just yesterday, I was sitting in the same seat as those freshmen.

It's a little nerve-wracking for those guys. So I'm trying to help those guys best I can and lead by example, and I guess just maybe try to be a better vocal leader and say something when something needs to be said.

Q. Seemed like last year the team took on the mantra of being the hunters. Is that something that's carried over to this career or something new that you guys are adopting within the team?

BROCK BOWERS: That carries over. Obviously, we always want to be on the hunt and never be hunted. Also, like I said, better never rests. Just got to keep getting better every day because if we are not getting better, we're getting worse.

Everyone is trying to catch up to us.

Q. I asked Kamari this earlier and you're switching offensive coordinators this year, as well. What have the changes been like? Is it like business as normal?

BROCK BOWERS: About the offensive coordinators you said?

Q. Yes, sir.

BROCK BOWERS: Yeah, I mean, like I said, Bobo was -- Coach Bobo was in the tight end room last year so it was an easy transition. He brings a lot of the same offensive stuff to the table as Coach Monken did, and so he'll be throwing a few wrinkles here and there, but it will all be same players and just got to do the same thing.



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