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Georgia needs more than a good game.. they need a bad one from Florida

Josh Hancher

After another blowout loss, this time on senior day, Georgia has decide to pack it in and play some younger players or give the veterans a chance to beat Mike White's old team.  I expect the latter.  Jaxon Etter got the start on Senior Day and played 18 minutes, but wasn't much help on either side of the ball.  Kario Oquendo had 13 points off the bench in first half but also faded in second half.  Missouri had 5 guys in double figures and Kobe Brown wasn't one of them.


UGA is at or near the bottom in all offensive categories including 13th in FG% and 2P FG%, last in assists, and 10th in FT% despite attempting the second most free throws in the league. Being the second worst shooting team and the 12th best team in offensive rebounding isn’t a good recipe.  At one point, Georgia was in the top half of the league in 3P% but now sits at 9th in SEC at 31%. Mike White’s team needs a good game, but at this point it will take not only a better offensive and defensive performance, but an off night by Florida to get the upset.



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