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Hoops Talk, Ole Miss Preview Stats (shhh.. some football stuff)

Josh Hancher

@Graham Coffeyand @Will Morrisonand I jumped into a Twitter Space show and talked some Hoops.  Stay to the end for some football talk

Georgia’s season has had ups and downs.  Solid non con start, 11-1 home record, and upset of Auburn and road wins at Miss State and Ole Miss.  But, after some tough road games and a blowout loss without leading scorer Terry Roberts - Dawgs season is in a critical stretch with 3 straight home games.

If they can win two of those and end the season with a win at USC, then this season is an absolute positive step.

Looking at the numbers, Georgis needs Kario Oquendo to get back on track. He is shooting 48% from the field even after going 2 for has 22 from three.

Stay tuned, we are stiling riding this out and chins are up.  Go Dawgs!


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