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Defending Scoring Opportunities and Red Zone Defense

Josh Hancher

I mentioned in my prediction last night that both teams would move the ball between the 40's. Both Ohio State (5th P5 success rate allowed) and Georgia (2nd P5 success rate allowed) are really good defending scoring opportunities (ball inside opponents 40). But Georgia is elite when it comes to stopping drives and Defending Red zone.

.OSU Score Opp.png


UGA Score OPp.png


Of the 158 chances that the Buckeyes allowed a defense inside the 40 yard line 74 (47%) of those snaps are also in the Red Zone.  Georgia had 205 attempts inside the 40, 92 were also in the Red Zone (45%).  Looking at this from number of opportunities.  Ohio State Opponents had 19 drives move inside the 40 and 14 of those also extended into the red zone (74%).  Georgia allowed opponents 22 drives inside the 40 and only 12 (55%) moved in to the red zone. Now you really see where Georgia is elite. The Georgia Defense is allowing a FBS best 23.4% success rate inside the red zone and just 1.4 yards per play.  To sum this all up.  Of the 19 OSU Drives that were "scoring opportunities" 14 became red zone opportunities and 7 TDs.  Georgia's 22 scoring opportunities turned in 12 red zone drives and 5 TDs.

OSU Red Zone.png

UGA Red Zone.png

Season Red Zone Defense

 RZ Def.png

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