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Flip Watch 2023

Jason Brassell

As if the transfer portal hasn't made things crazy enough in managing a college football roster and recruiting, NIL has made it to where December will be absolute nuts. Of course NIL was meant for student-athletes to make money off of their name, image, and likeness, but not necessarily meant for schools to use ahead of time just to get them to go there. This process is confusing enough for teenagers without the added in pressure of "organizations connected to the schools" offering hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Recruiting is crazy enough already. This new age is recruiting on steroids, but will make for an interesting national signing day. Some of these kids don't care as much about it as others, but some might have their families depending on it. That's why you're going to see plenty of flips. Not all will be connected to NIL though. Some guys just realize they made the wrong choice for them. Some guys might get hurt by the transfer portal. Some might just be waiting on the right offers to come in.

Regardless of the reasons, I'm confident we'll see more flips in December than ever before. Let's check out top prospects who UGA is still talking to:


JUSTICE HAYNES - Many recruits say they're going to shock the world with their commitment. Whether Haynes used that wording or not, he did just that when he committed to Alabama over UGA. But Dell McGee and Kirby Smart haven't given up on the 5* RB. He has visited and is at least listening to what the Dawgs have to say. He is saying all the right things to Alabama, but there has definitely been more UGA chatter lately. I would definitely keep an eye on this one.

DEANDRE MOORE - The 4* receiver is committed to Louisville, but I do not think that's where he ends up at all. He has a close connection to new UGA staffer David Hill. All of the talk was about Georgia after his official visit to Athens, but Texas finished 2nd in his recruitment when he chose Louisville. After visiting Austin recently, the Longhorns are trending a bit right now. I don't think UGA is out of it, but I would predict Texas as of today.

KYRON JONES - The 3* ATH is committed to NC State as a running back, but UGA is recruiting the speedster as a DB. I say speedster, because he is literally one of the fastest players in the nation. He was just on campus and will very likely be back for an official visit in December. This will obviously come down to what position he wants to play in college and beyond. With former Dawg commit Daniel Harris likely headed to Penn State now, watch for the Dawgs to turn up the heat here.


SYDIR MITCHELL - The massive defensive lineman is one who UGA had the lead for, but lost him at the very end to Texas. The Dawgs looked to have had a promising duo coming in with he and Jamaal Jarrett to anchor the defense into another national championship. His name has just popped back up recently and UGA is serious enough to send Fran Brown to New Jersey for his game last weekend. We haven't heard anything serious besides that, but it's something to keep an eye on.

CHASE BISONTIS - I am hearing more on Bisontis than Mitchell and almost put him in the "Ones to Watch Closely" category. I won't put him there until he gets back on campus for a visit or until in-home visits. With Texas A&M literally going to crap, I would really keep an eye out here. Some of these guys aren't going to want to have anything to do with the dumpster fire in College Station.


JOSHUA HORTON - The defensive lineman teammate of current commit Bo Hughley is a UNC commit who visited recently. Although he may not end up at UNC, I don't think this is a flip we pursue hard enough. If we miss on a few, I think we could come back around to Horton. But I'd look for him to either stick with UNC or head somewhere like Miami.

CALEB DOWNS - I put Downs here because 99% of the things I hear (and pretty much 100% of things reported elsewhere) say that we're out even if he does waht to change his mind on his Alabama commitment. He just visited Ohio State, so there's that. Just being transparent here in saying that EVERYTHING points to UGA being out of it. I almost left him off the list completely, but I have personally heard that we are still in this from one person. That's enough for me to put him at the bottom of the list. Again, just being transparent, but I would roll with the idea of UGA not being a contender to flip Downs and then be pleasantly surprised if this one guy is right and we do have a chance.

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