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ICYMI: SDS posts another riveting Danielson/Alabama article

Craig Lawson

Question: What could be better than listening to Gary Danielson chortle Alabama during a CBS broadcast?

Answer: Keith Farner’s weekly column on Saturday Down South recapping people tweeting about Gary Danielson chortling Alabama. 




Holy shit folks. Does anybody know how long this has been going on? I just noticed it, but three weeks back is all I had the patience to look for.

The sources for all of these articles are, of course, tweets from such influential accounts as @coffee_cup12 and @imjeremytho. Of courses there was also major influencer @badgolfer1086 with a whopping 16 followers. 

Look, it is well established that many SEC fans find Danielson off putting, especially when it comes to covering Alabama. And yes, people tweet about it. In 2022 this is noteworthy “backlash” as Farner so eloquently puts it on what seems to have become a regular installment. Apparently a brief game recap followed by tweets from random people now qualifies as journalism.

This is actually a good thing despite what some of you might believe. Why should we waste our time with meaningful analysis when we can simply consume lazy, uninsightful posts about tweets about Gary Danielson talking about Alabama? If you think otherwise I’d suggest hopping off your high horse. You’re currently reading a blog post about an article about tweets about Gary Danielson talking about Alabama, so who the hell are you to judge? 

Edited by Craig Lawson



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