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About the (2019) Offense

Jim Wood

Note: I wrote this for The Bulldawg Blawg after the 2019 SEC Championship loss to LSU, but I never published it. It's kind of funny to read now looking back.

Personally, I think everyone is putting too much stock into the poor offensive showing in the SEC Championship Game. Georgia rode a great defense to an 11-1 regular season. Sure, we all were wondering if the offense was good enough to overcome a complete team like LSU. Seth Emerson went so far as to say the SEC Championship Game was the litmus test for the offense. So, was the offense good enough? No. But was this game a litmus test? Also, no.

The reality is we didn't see Georgia's offense in this game. Need I remind you this offense was missing Lawrence Cager for the game and George Pickens for the first half? We also saw that DeAndre Swift was way more limited than anyone let on leading up to the game. Add the ACL tear of Dominick Blaylock in the first quarter and you've got a recipe for disaster. If I'd told you all of those things before kickoff (primarily the Swift and Blaylock part) would you have expected to win this game? I sure would not have.

Now, here's the thing. I still think that changes need to be made to this offense! Hell, I was on social media clamoring for Mike Bobo last week. What is weird to me is that we put everything in to this single game. And now that Georgia lost we're supposed to be clamoring for change?

They say that seeing is believing. Why did we have to see the offense a 13th time to believe what we'd already seen over 12 games?

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