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Found 6 results

  1. Jim and John preview Georgia’s matchup with Missouri and answer listener questions. Please visit our presenting sponsor, AXIA Time, at axiatime.com. Use code mygodapodcast at checkout for 10% off!
  2. Jim and John review Georgia’s win over Kent State and reveal the presenting sponsor for the remainder of Season 3 👀 Give a listen! Subscribe: Apple Podcasts | Spotify | or wherever you get your podcasts.
  3. My God a Podcast welcomes special guest and Dawgs Central member Chris, aka @British Bulldawg, for the Kent State Preview episode! While everyone does preview the matchup with Kent State, Jim and John also ask Chris about how he became a Georgia fan. They also talk about his trek to Athens for this game, his first between the hedges. Finally, everyone answers listener question. Be sure to check out this very special episode! Subscribe: Apple Podcasts | Spotify | or wherever you get your podcasts.
  4. I had an entirely different blog planned, but I'm a sucker for #UniformTwitter. In case you missed this, the official Georgia Football Twitter account dropped this on Thursday night. Uniform Twitter was sent into a tizzy with everyone assuming this was some kind of alternate uniform tease. Let's head to the replies. This from HBTFD89 may be my favorite theory. Many fans have been clamoring for the actually silver britches from days gone by as opposed to the gray pants worn by the team today. According to uniform expert ChanceDawg19, this is not an option (for now). Next up, we've got the same theory I initially had...red pants. However, as I told our Dawgs Central subscribers on Thursday night, I highly doubt this would happen. The last time Georgia wore red pants before the 2020 throwbacks was in a loss at South Carolina in 1988. No way Kirby is messing with that. Ok, this one was a joke that came from me. No, I don't see us repeating this ill-fated uniform from the 2009 Cocktail Party. In case you missed it, we talked about these uniforms in an interview with Paul Muchnick this week on My God a Podcast. You should definitely subscribe. So now we come to an actual possibility. Check out podcaster and internet sleuth Scott Duvall. We could certainly do worse than black pants. They looked great back in the 1998 Outback Bowl. So what say you? Are the Dawgs going to wear some sort of alternate, is the social media team having a little fun with us, or are we all waaaaay off base? You can hear the South Carolina Preview episode of My God a Podcast right here, or wherever you get your podcasts.
  5. Jim Wood

    Countdown to Kickoff: 71 Days

    We have a Countdown to Kickoff thread in our Dawgs Central forum. Every day, we relate the number of days out from kickoff to either a player or play. Today we are 71 days out, and for me the number 71 means George Foster. George was such a huge part of Georgia's turnaround in the late 90's and early 2000's. His recruiting class was filled with talent, and during his redshirt sophomore year, Georgia ended the drought against Tennessee. Back in our first season of My God a Podcast, @PowellJohnT and I did an episode about that night when the goalposts came down, and George was nice enough to talk to us about what he remembered from that night: If you listened, you heard what a unique perspective George has on Georgia football as someone who played for both Donnan and Richt. Coach Donnan really did bring in a lot of talent in the late 90's, and he even had some pretty big moments with those players. But ultimately, it was Richt who took that talent to the next level. Finishing the drill in Knoxville with the "Hobnail Boot" showed his players what could happen if they bought in. In 2002, when George was a redshirt senior, he was on the first Georgia team to ever win the SEC Championship game. Up until fairly recently I considered that 2002 SEC Championship team to be the gold standard of Georgia teams I'd seen with my own eyes. George also gave us a great moment after that game when he said the victory was so sweet, it was "sweeter than a Cinnabon". After his college career ended, George went on to be a first round draft pick and played for years in the NFL. George is a DGD and one of "Georgia's Finest", which leads me to my last point. I have a huge stack of "Georgia's Finest" trading cards in my office. I loved collecting those cards as a kid, and I feel players like George deserve to be on one. If there were such a card, it would look something like what you see below. Here's to George Foster, and 71 days until kickoff!
  6. Jim Wood

    Happy Father’s Day

    As we head into this Father's Day weekend, I wanted to give a shout out to all of you National Champion fathers out there. For me personally, I'm so glad that I got to experience the National Championship with my dad. I'm not sure I can really do justice writing how much that meant to me, so I'm going to refer back to what I said on My God a Podcast in our National Championship Review. Thank you Dad for instilling this love for the Georgia Bulldogs in me. It's been one heck of a ride! How it started. How it's going. And as Ray Fulcher might say… Love ya Dad, Go Dawgs!
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