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AI May Take All Our Jobs, But This May Make it Worth it

Josh Hancher

Everyone has their text strings, work, church, kids’ sports, family, and most importantly, your Dawg text string. 

Within each one there is a social structure, a hierarchy, an order, unwritten rules.  There is one who is the  glue who keeps it alive and not stale. The one who always who comments ensuring there are plenty of notifications waiting for you when you happen to be in  a meeting. There is the one who always gives a “ha ha” or “like” and of course the drunken one who will take it off the rails every now and then.   Then, there is the lurker. The guy who rarely jumps starts a conversation. The one who you gets you side texts with “who is (770) 555-1212?”

But when you wake up after working all night to notifications from the lurker - attention must be paid. 


The lurker just dropped this masterpiece in the thread:


All Hail our Future AI Enslavers

“The University of Georgia has won the last two national championships in football, a feat which is the result of several factors. The first factor is the strong coaching staff, led by Head Coach Kirby Smart. Smart has proven his ability to develop a winning culture and bring out the best in his players. He is also a master motivator, encouraging his team and helping them reach their potential. 

The second factor is the players. Georgia has a talented roster, with a number of players who are potential All-Americans. They also have a deep bench, which allows them to stay competitive even when injuries occur. The team is well-rounded, with strong players at every position. 

Lastly, the University of Georgia has a strong fan base. Georgia fans have been loyal and supportive of their team through thick and thin, and this has been a major factor in their success. The fans are passionate and enthusiastic, which helps the players stay motivated and focused. 

The combination of a strong coaching staff, talented players, and a loyal fan base is what has allowed the University of Georgia to win the last two national championships in football. They have proven that they are a team to be reckoned with, and will continue to be a force to be reckoned with in the future.”

But wait, there’s more. The lurker found a way around the free trial to get the Gators version: 

Write a one paragraph essay on why the University of Florida has performed so poorly in football “

“The University of Florida has performed poorly in football in recent years due to a lack of consistency in their coaching staff, a lack of resources to recruit top talent, and a lack of discipline and direction from the top. Without a consistent coaching staff, better recruiting resources, and a focus on discipline and direction, the University of Florida will continue to struggle on the football field.”

“Jean shorts have become a staple of the University of Florida fan wardrobe, with many students, alumni, and fans wearing them to most events, no matter the weather or the occasion. While it is easy to understand why people might want to show their school spirit and pride, the fact that so many choose to do it in such an unappealing fashion is a bit of a mystery. 

To begin, jean shorts are often seen as a cheap and easy wardrobe choice, and for people who are on a budget or trying to save money, a pair of jean shorts is a great way to dress for the occasion without spending too much. Additionally, jean shorts have been around for a long time and are seen as a classic piece of fashion, so many people are drawn to them as a throwback to the past. 

Finally, the fact that jean shorts are so popular at the University of Florida may have to do with the fact that they are a comfortable and easy way to show school spirit. Wearing jean shorts is a simple way to display team pride without having to wear something more elaborate or expensive. Plus, they are an easy way to stand out in a crowd and make a statement. “

Who needs basketball when you have AI Bots writing absolute gold. 

Go Dawgs!!! Share, RT, like, and “Ha Ha” awareness 

Edited by Josh Hancher

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