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Overlooking Florida

Craig Lawson

I should have posted this earlier, and I meant for it to be a more in-depth piece, but we mentally moved on to Tennessee two days ago so I'll be brief. A friend and fellow Dawg, Jacob Hawk, messaged me after the Vanderbilt game and suggested I write something about how nice it is to live in an age where Georgia can essentially look past the hated Florida Gators. Even with Georgia's sloppy third quarter the game was never really in doubt. It wasn't long ago that a trip to Jacksonville was almost a guaranteed L, but Steve Spurrier and Urban Meyer aren't walking down that tunnel again. I had a great time tailgating with Josh (Dawg Stats), John (Gator Hater) and the rest of their crew. We even had a famous gump from SDS drop by for a bit to compare John Metchie and Jameson Williams to flat tires or something like that, apparently Saban doesn't know how to use a jack. During the game we feasted on overpriced stadium food and gator blood, high fived until our hands were numb, and Josh got shutdown by the old folks sitting behind us when he asked if they wanted the game moved out of Jacksonville which made me chuckle a bit. All in good fun though.  Anyway, enjoy these times friends. 

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