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What Does the Chris Peal Commitment Mean for Georgia?

Jason Brassell

The University of Georgia isn't the No. 1 team in the nation for no reason at all. Of course there are a variety of things that factor in to winning a national championship and continuing to sit at the top spot in the rankings. Kirby Smart knows that it all starts with recruiting. He has consistently mentioned having the "Jimmies and the Joes". Looking at the past couple of recruiting classes, it's evident that Smart and his staff know that you need a lot of defensive backs that can cover a lot of ground in this day and age of explosive offensive football.

So what does Chris Peal's commitment mean to the number one team in the nation?

It means we're going to have another cornerback on the team that we can trust to hit the field and hang with the likes of Tennessee and Alabama, when we have to play the Crimson Tide. It means if we continue to make it to the playoffs, we can hang with those talented receivers at places like Ohio State.

Chris Peal is likely the final piece to what many would consider the best defensive back class in the nation. He joins cornerbacks 5* AJ Harris, 4* Daniel Harris and 4* Justyn Rhett at the corner position. Although I see Rhett with 4* Joenel Aguero as the two safeties in this class. At 6'1 and 190 pounds, Peal has the body type to play college football right now. While some prospects only shine in camps settings or when running track and field, Peal is also ready to get to work when helmet and pads go on. He is the quintessential football player who rarely comes off the field. You don't see too many cornerbacks who are good enough and tough enough to play running back with the ability to probably earn offers at that position also.

The newest Dawg commits has already shown on Friday nights that he can cover and stick his head in there to stop the run. He also uses hs body type and hands to stick it to receivers at the line of scrimmage. With some defensive backs, you can pretty much only rely on them to run with their man and provide coverage down the field. These are usually your skinnier players with a flashy 40 yard dash and that's basically their only skillset. While it is necessary in today's game to have players like that, it's also more than necessary to have an athletic, hard-nosed football player like Peal who can do it all.

Don't be surprised in couple of years when he's in Sanford Stadium covering receivers, stuffing them at the line of scrimmage, flying into the mix for run support, and blitzing off the edge. These types of players like Peal are often the backbone of the football team.

Check out Peal's junior season highlights HERE.

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